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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is enjoying the day with family and friends. Today for my family means we show how we are thankful for all we have by sharing a meal together and everyone participates in some capacity to help out. Before our meal begins we say a longer grace for the meal, today we were so thankful to have a traditional dinner consisting of turkey, stuffing, corn, and mashed potatoes. We had been able to find a small turkey and we purchased what we could while the food shelter was able to help with a few other items. We were thankful for those employees for helping us, those individuals who contributed those items as well.

We may not have had to hunt for the food like the days of old, but today we certainly appreciated this meal in its entirety. Most importantly how God helped us have all that we do to live in warmth, have meals, and to have real love in our hearts. Today you will not find my family shopping at retail locations, even if we had the means to spend we choose to keep this day for what it was intended to be, a celebration of thanks. May God bless you and your families!