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Long Awaited Testimony

It’s been forever since I’ve been able to clear my mind, refocus my heart, and set out to be the man I was destined to be. God has blessed me and my family so much and it’s worth sharing to help anyone else who is struggling. Over the past few months God has removed fake people from our lives, He’s protected us from false teachers, provided everything for us and has given us more then we had ever lost over the course of 5 moves.

We were blessed with an affordable rental home, and all of our bills are within our ability to maintain, really God has maintained everything for us. The glory and credit are due to Him and only Him, recently changes had impacted my heart. I took everything that was going on around me and decided to really focus in on what God wanted from me, and expected me to do. I discovered that I was getting better at understanding the Bible, and that God had blessed me with understanding when I asked Him for it. All of this will be made clear in the future, right now I just want to remain focused on all that God has done for my family.

We were facing the possibility of being homeless or living in a shelter, as mentioned above He found a way for us to avoid that. Not only was this alternative method the better than anything we’d looked into, it covered some extras that we didn’t expect. A fireplace, nice yard, and in a quite community. We couldn’t ask for anything more! But God had plenty in store for us, we had struggled to pay for our car loan at $550 a month and on very low income it was becoming too much to bare, to make that story short we lost the car. Our only transportation and we couldn’t afford to keep it, we willingly gave the vehicle back and we started looking for options.

During this period in time we had limited resources and had nobody nearby that was willing to help take us to the store when we needed to replenish our food supplies. We are now here alone and no family or friends nearby that are able to help us, we really learned that we just had to rely on God. He provided our food, I’m still not sure how we lasted over a month on minimal supplies but we did and we grew stronger in faith for it. God deserves all the glory in everything that has happen for my family, and what continues to happen.

No matter what we looked at we had been denied to no end, out of the blue an email was received that would change everything. The email was from a local dealer we’ve never heard of, we did have to utilize all of our remaining savings but we secured a loan without the need to prove income, not sure how you do that but I attribute all of everything that happened to be in God’s hands and His plan for us.

I really shortened that story but that gentleman was so wonderful to work with and didn’t match the company he worked for. We now have transportation and we are so thankful to God for the life lesson learned: We don’t need to rely on fake judgmental people when we are able to rely on Him and be provided with everything we need. To those fake judgmental people you know who you are and I’ve expressed nothing but love and forgiveness towards you, I continue to pray for all of you, that your eyes and hearts be opened, and your heart is refocused on what’s important in life.


Helping Strangers

     This past Sunday our Pastor was speaking about hearing God, and how we need to train ourselves to listen for his voice. It was this sermon that made me remember a time when I heard God’s voice speaking directly to me. I’d like to share this with you, and know that God is looking to communicate with you if you’re willing to listen.

     It was around 9 years ago I was working in a fast food restaurant as a manager, I had just gotten off of my evening shift (2pm – 12pm) and was on my way home. This is when I was enjoying some country music on the radio enjoying my trip home, I remember vividly, I had became overwhelmed with emotions and I heard the following “Give Laura $200.” and that was all I heard. There was no why, no when, and no clear explanation for this.

     I fully believed in God and was actively worshiping, I had only my paycheck of $485, this was to cover gas, rent, groceries. I didn’t even want to spare any money to anyone. But I didn’t want to question God, who does that…? Oh yeah wait I did. I asked him in prayer if he really wanted me to do this, I told him I couldn’t spare anything, and I was just short of saying “No, God I really don’t want to do this.”. 

     Well the next day I was at the gas station getting fuel and a drink for my trip to work, I seen the ATM but I just didn’t go and withdraw the money to give to Laura. I finished fueling my car and departed the gas station to head to work. Well an hour later I arrived to work and walked into the building, looked over at the ATM and walked over withdrawing $200.

     During my shift I called the young lady into the Manager’s Office, I told her I don’t know if you believe in God but he hears your cries for help. Last night he asked me to give you exactly $200, and I simply handed her the money. Well she actually teared up and confessed that she did believe in God and was in need of help. I asked her if it wasn’t an issue if she could tell me what she needed money for, well she looked at me and said “I’m short $200 on my rent this month and I just don’t know what else to say.”

     I told her that she only had to thank God and that I was simply following orders from him. I don’t know what this was all about, was God testing me, would I serve his will no matter what he asked of me? I didn’t suffer that month either, I had just enough money for my bills and that just meant less play money.

 So now I say, Lord please continue to use me, talk to me, and let me help others that pray to you for assistance. This is my will, and what I want to do. Now I’m at a point in my life when I could really use that $200, The Lord has actually blessed me with more than that and for that I’m thankful I didn’t question Him, but just followed in obedience to Him.

     Just last month during all of my struggles I was blessed with money that helped my family temporarily, and I continue to pray to God for the long term help we need.